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Velcro Extension

Velcro Extension

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What can we say? Sometimes the collar be thicc!


Cadence & Co Crafts' bowties and flower velcro onto your pup's collar to prevent choking and pulling off - Use this to expand the circumference of the Velcro loop

The extension is 3" long and can be attached to either end of the existing Velcro


      **Treats for Thought**

      • Extensions are not necessary if the velcro loops do not go fully around a collar as the existing velcro is sewn "sticky" side out so it will stick to knit items
      • For bowties, one will be needed for each velcro loop - Two in total
      • Take into account what you are attaching the accessory to
        • Will Velcro stick to it
        • What is the circumference of the area
      • If you are unsure how to measure the distance, take a piece of string or ribbon and wrap it around the desired area, mark where the end meets the string, then measure against a ruler - Keep in mind the existing velcro is 3"


      - Follow the care instructions of the item you are using the extension on

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