Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you make tie on bandanas?

Tie on bandanas present a choking hazard to animals. If a tie on bandana gets stuck on an object or tugged by a play partner the bandana can tighten and cause injury. For this reason, Cadence&Co Crafts only offers slip on or over the collar bandanas. 


How do you wash your products?

Each listing has the washing instructions for each item, however they are listed below for your convenience. Both the bowties and flowers utilize adhesive to keep thread from fraying, therefore, they will lose integrity if dried.
  • Machine wash/lay flat to dry
  • Iron for a pressed look using "cotton" setting
  • Machine wash/lay flat to dry
  • Pinch sides of bowtie while drying with clips or clothspin to retain folded look
    • Machine wash/lay flay to dry
    • Iron tips of petals if they are wrinkled using "cotton" setting or place under a heavily weighted item to flatten


    Why can't I embroider my bandana?

    All bandanas except custom orders are "sewn closed" upon product listing. This enables us to ship items immediately. If we were to embroider the bandanas "sewn closed" the not so pretty stitching will show on the backside of the bandana instead of hidden inside. The vinyl used for bandana customization is permanent and will not come off during normal wear and tear. 


    Why are the flowers and bowties one size fits most?

    The flowers and bowties are made for our smaller, less furry friends. They attach using velcro meaning that they need to support themselves. Larger bowties and flowers tend to do the sad droop if they are too big. However, if you are looking for smaller or larger flowers and bowties please send us a message!


    I have really small dog, what can I order?

    Flowers and bowties are made with our small furry friends in mind. We are exploring a "mini" size of bandana. If you are interested please message us!


    Do your products fit cats?

    The standard chase-able cat will fit in our bowties and flowers. Please make sure your furry friend wears a collar or harness as these items are velcro based.


    What are your shipping policies?

    If your order is placed before 3pm, they will be shipped out the same day. All items will be shipped through USPS unless otherwise contacted. For expedited shipping, please send us a message before you order.


    When are are new products listed?

    New products are listed every season. If you want to be furiends, we will send you an email when new product collections are available for pre-order and then when they are listed!


    Custom Order Questions

    I don't see my sports team, can I order it?

    Cadence&Co Crafts is happy to offer custom orders for your sports team. If we can find licensed fabric, we would be happy to send you the options to choose from. At this time we only buy the licensed fabric which limits our choices. For our international and smaller school furry friend parents, not all teams have fabric. Please send a message to our email and we will get back to you with fabric options. 

    I have a special occasion, do you make custom orders?

    We are excessively tail wagging at the thought of you including us in your special occasion! Please contact us through our email and we can work through your Pinterest board and inspiration!


    What is the process for custom orders?

    We want to make sure you are getting exactly what you are "hunting" for! Here is the process you will go through:
    • Please send us your inspiration, products, and quantity
    • We will get back to you with current fabric on the market that matches your inspiration
    • Depending on current shipping times it can take 1-2 weeks for the materials to get to us
    • Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to make your treats!


    Is there a discount for large quantities?

    Omg, we want to give you all the face licks! Please contact us through our email to coordinate. Your process will look similar to custom orders. Depending on fabric, customization, and timing, prices will vary. We will reach out to you with more details and discounts once we have all the details. 


    Social Questions

    What comes to my email if I sign up to be furiends?

    We <3 our furiends. We don't like emails. They sound like the doorbell. We promise to only send you an email when we are listing new products, when there is access to pre-sales, and when we release our new vendor calendar.


    Do you have a store front?

    We don't current offer purchase in a store. However, if you are local to Georgia, we frequent markets and art shows. Please reference our event schedule to see us in person. We can't wait to meet our new four legged best friends!


    What is your event schedule?

    Fall/Winter 2023 TBD


    Do you offer discounts?

    We post sales and discount codes on our Instagram. Please be sure to follow up at @CadenceAndCoCrafts to make sure your the first one to know the news!